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Synergistic effect of apoptosis and necroptosis inhibitors in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity

Tristão VR, Pessoa EA, Nakamichi R, Reis LA, Batista MC, Durão Junior Mde S, Monte JC.


Necroptosis is a nonapoptotic cell death pathway. We aim to study the effect of necrostatin-1 (a specific necroptosis inhibitor) in cisplatin-induced injury. We analyzed the effect of the combined use of inhibitors of apoptosis (z-vad) and necroptosis (necrostatin-1) in acute kidney injury by cisplatin in human proximal tubule cells. Our results showed moderate effectiveness in cytoprotection after treatment with z-vad. But the concomitant use of inhibitors (z-vad and necrostatin-1) presented synergistic and additive protection. The present study analyzed the caspase-3 activity and we observed a significant decrease in the group treated with z-vad and cisplatin. However we did not observe changes in the group treated with both inhibitors (z-vad and necrostatin-1) and cisplatin. Thus, demonstrating that necroptosis is a caspase-independent mechanism. We also analyzed the effect of necrostatin-1 in vivo model. C57BL/6 mice were treated with cisplatin and/or inhibitors. The concomitant use of inhibitors (z-vad and necrostatin-1) recovered renal function and decreased levels of urinary Ngal. Additionally, we analyzed the expression of RIP-1, a specific marker for necroptosis. In animals treated with cisplatin and z-VAD levels of RIP-1 were higher. This result reinforces that necroptosis occurs only in conditions where apoptosis was blocked. However, the use of both inhibitors (z-vad and necrostatin-1) provided additional protection. In conclusion, our study has a significant potential to show in vitro and in vivo protection obtained by necrostatin-1. Therefore, our results suggest that necroptosis may be an important mechanism of cell death after kidney injury.


Acute kidney injury; Cisplatin; Cytoprotection; Necroptosis; Necrostatin-1

PMID: 26519037 DOI: 10.1007/s10495-015-1190-5


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